Multimond – A MATE panel layout

I’ve recently made the switch over to Ubuntu MATE and am really enjoying the level of customizability it offers without being too complicated or too much of a resource-hog. Out of the box the OS offers some great layouts through the MATE-tweak tool but I’ve created my own which is compact but still usable.

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HUD for xubuntu

I find that xubuntu leaves me wanting for very little feature-wise. The only thing I’ve ever felt disappointed by is its lack of a readily available Heads-Up Display (HUD) for searching through app menus with. It now looks like this one issue has been resolved with the hud-menu script.

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Stop xscreensaver Interrupting Full Screen Videos on Multiple Monitors

Previously I posted a script for use on Linux systems which stops xscreensaver from kicking in when a full-screen window has focus. While useful for some setups this script isn’t well suited to multiple monitor configurations where the likelihood of a full-screen window not having focus is greater.  This post details a script which remedies this problem.

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Elegant Bird Updated – A Theme for Xubuntu

An updated version of the Elegant Bird theme is now available. Built for Xubuntu 14.04, this updated version still uses the best elements of Elegant Cold Blue (based on Elegant Brit) while providing a more consistent colour scheme and lighter background colours to provide better contrast.

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Stop xscreensaver Interrupting Full Screen Videos

One of the reasons that Xubuntu is great is that it comes with xscreensaver enabled by default. However, there’s a problem; xscreensaver will kick in when you’ve been idle long enough no matter what – even if you’re watching a video. This post details a script which stops xscreensaver starting when a full-screen window has focus.

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Simple Slideshow Screensaver Script for Ubuntu

Those of you on recent versions of Ubuntu may find the default screensaver slightly lacking. Gnome-screensaver’s blank screen can be a bit of a bore, luckily there are alternatives such as xscreensaver. However, the alternatives may be overkill if you just want a simple slideshow screensaver, so here’s bash script that does just that.

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