This posts details a new theme intended for use on Ubuntu 14.04. The theme uses many elements of Milieu Bird and Ubuntu’s default ambiance. The sharp contrast between the dark headers of Milieu Bird with the lighter elements of ambiance lends a stylish and usable Ubuntu look.

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Milieu Bird Updated

A few months ago I posted a theme called Milieu Bird which was intended for Ubuntu.  I’ve recently made the switch to Elementary OS: Luna on my netbook and wanted to carry over a similar desktop look and feel.  After a few small tweaks I’ve now been able to update Milieu Bird to be elementary-friendly.

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Milieu Bird – A theme for Ubuntu 13.04

This posts details  a theme intended for use on Ubuntu 13.04.  The theme uses many elements of the Elegant Bird, a theme previously intended for xfce built on Elegant Brit and Greybird.  The result is a clear theme with square windows and tidy title buttons for a simple yet stylish appearance.

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