Elegant Bird Updated – A Theme for Xubuntu

An updated version of the Elegant Bird theme is now available. Built for Xubuntu 14.04, this updated version still uses the best elements of Elegant Cold Blue (based on Elegant Brit) while providing a more consistent colour scheme and lighter background colours to provide better contrast.

Download Elegant Bird Updated

To use the theme on Xubuntu first create a .themes in your home directory. Unpack the Elegant Bird folder to here. When you run the Settings Manager the theme will now appear in the Appearance, Notifications and Windows Manager settings.  Changing to the theme through the settings manager will update the changes (though you may need to log out and back in again to finalize the changeover).

The theme was built for (and tested with) Xubuntu 14.04.  The theme should work with other versions of Ubuntu but may need a bit of tweaking to look right.

The background used in the screen shot is a blue version of Ubuntu 13.04′s default wallpaper: blue-warty-final-ubuntu.jpg

The previous version’s major issue was that the GTK 3 elements of the theme had an inconsistent colour scheme that didn’t fit with the rest of the theme.  In the updated version I have consolodated the GTK 2 and 3 colour schemesso that they now look the same and have a much clearer appearance.

For a similar theme on Ubuntu checkout Elegant-Ambiance or Milieu Bird.


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