Milieu Bird Updated

A few months ago I posted a theme called Milieu Bird which was intended for Ubuntu.  I’ve recently made the switch to Elementary OS: Luna on my netbook and wanted to carry over a similar desktop look and feel.  After a few small tweaks I’ve now been able to update Milieu Bird to be elementary-friendly.

To install the theme on Luna you’ll need Elementary tweak which can be installed by following the instructions on this OS Elementary Luna blog.

To use the theme first download its archive:

Download Milieu Bird

Unpack the folder from the archive, open a terminal and navigate to the directory where the folder is extracted to.  Use the following command to copy folder to the themes directory:

sudo cp -R Milieubird /usr/share/themes

It may be necessary after this step to apply to correct permissions to this folder.  To do this use the following command:

sudo chmod -R 777 /usr/share/themes/Milieubird

Following this, use a tweak tool for your OS to change the window decoration and interface themes to Milieu Bird.  Milieu Bird works well with the remaining theme settings being left the elementary defaults.

The background used in the screen shot is a blue version of Ubuntu 13.04′s default wallpaper: blue-warty-final-ubuntu.jpg

I recommend elementary OS users to follow the advice given on the OS Elementary Luna blog for installing the additional plank themes and wingpanel-slim.  With more plank themes you can find a few which fit the appearance of Milieu Bird.

Elementary OS users can also set up wingpanel-slim through the tweak tool to overlap the top of maximised windows if they wish (similar to how I have in the screenshot above).  This saves on screen real-estate without impeding access to the window control buttons.


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