Stop xscreensaver Interrupting Full Screen Videos on Multiple Monitors

Previously I posted a script for use on Linux systems which stops xscreensaver from kicking in when a full-screen window has focus. While useful for some setups this script isn’t well suited to multiple monitor configurations where the likelihood of a full-screen window not having focus is greater.  This post details a script which remedies this problem.

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Stop xscreensaver Interrupting Full Screen Videos

One of the reasons that Xubuntu is great is that it comes with xscreensaver enabled by default. However, there’s a problem; xscreensaver will kick in when you’ve been idle long enough no matter what – even if you’re watching a video. This post details a script which stops xscreensaver starting when a full-screen window has focus.

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Simple Slideshow Screensaver Script for Ubuntu

Those of you on recent versions of Ubuntu may find the default screensaver slightly lacking. Gnome-screensaver’s blank screen can be a bit of a bore, luckily there are alternatives such as xscreensaver. However, the alternatives may be overkill if you just want a simple slideshow screensaver, so here’s bash script that does just that.

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