Milieu Bird Updated

A few months ago I posted a theme called Milieu Bird which was intended for Ubuntu.  I’ve recently made the switch to Elementary OS: Luna on my netbook and wanted to carry over a similar desktop look and feel.  After a few small tweaks I’ve now been able to update Milieu Bird to be elementary-friendly.

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Elegant Bird – A Theme for Xubuntu

One of my favourite GTK themes of all time was Elegant Cold Blue, a spin-off of Elegant Brit.  I’ve decided to have a crack at porting it to Xubuntu 12.10.  Along the way I’ve been able to make a few tweaks to the theme to make it more usable in xfce by utilising elements of Xubuntu’s default theme: Greybird.  For a similar theme on Ubuntu checkout Elegant-Ambiance or Milieu Bird.

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