SynergyView 2

SynergyView, the video annotation tool developed as part of the SynergyNet project, has had an update. Previously the tool has had a dependency on Quicktime, restricting the availability of the tool. This requirement has been dropped in SynergyView 2.

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SynergyNet Repository Move

Google recently announced that they are closing down Google Code.  To avoid the source code, binaries and wiki pages for SynergyNet and SynergyView becoming inaccessible their repositories have been moved to a new home; SynergyNet on Github

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Developing with SynergyView

Recently we’ve made the push at TEL in Durham to make code relating to work developed in the SynergyNet project more accessible. We have now started an effort to create guides for getting started on developing with our software. This post details how to build a development platform for our video time-line analysis tool; SynergyView.

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