SynergyView 2

SynergyView, the video annotation tool developed as part of the SynergyNet project, has had an update. Previously the tool has had a dependency on Quicktime, restricting the availability of the tool. This requirement has been dropped in SynergyView 2.

SynergyView’s previous requirement for Quicktime has caused a number of problems. The most significant of these problems has recently become apparent; recent versions of Quicktime do not work with the Quicktime for Java library used in SynergyView.

Another problem caused by the use of Quicktime in the past relates to compatibility. SynergyView could only be used on operating systems that support Quicktime. This meant SynergyView could only be made available for Windows and Mac OS.

SynergyView 2 now uses VLC for its video rendering. This allows to tool to use a wider range of videos and audio formats.  VLC is available on more platforms than Quicktime.  This has allowed for a linux-friendly build of SynergyView to be produced.

(The theme used in the image above is Elegant Bird on Xubuntu.)

In addition to the new linux build there are now 64-bit builds for each of the operating systems support by the tool for better performance (which is useful when users could be annotating 4 or more videos at once) .

Downloads, code and a wiki (containing guides both for general use and development) can be found on the SynergyView Repository:


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