Developing with SynergyView

Recently we’ve made the push at TEL in Durham to make code relating to work developed in the SynergyNet project more accessible. We have now started an effort to create guides for getting started on developing with our software. This post details how to build a development platform for our video time-line analysis tool; SynergyView.

SynergyView is a java based timeline analysis tool which utilises Eclipse RCP. Before building the RCP a customized target eclipse platform is required. This is available on the SynergyView Repository under the downloads section, but is unfortunately divided into two parts because of its size (therefore you will need to unrar the two parts of the target together).

All our software is stored on google code through svn so it is publicly accessible. The software consists of a number of projects, all of which can be found on the SynergyView Repository trunk. Checking out all 4 of these projects will give you a working build. Also available on the repository are old and experimental versions of each of the projects. Use of these projects is not recommended unless you know what you’re doing.

Further development of the experimental projects by us is unlikely in the near future due to the lack of research potential it offers. However, we have made these projects publicly available in case anyone is interested in furthering these developments for their own needs.

You can find all the SynergyView projects with instructions here:

The SynergyView Repository

Please remember our primary concern is with producing original research so we quite often don’t have the time to get software perfect and to produce documentation. As a result of this there is unlikely to be any additional support for developing with our software beyond what currently exists.

You can read more about how to setup this version of SynergyNet on the SynergyView wiki page.


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