SynergyNet Repository Move

Google recently announced that they are closing down Google Code.  To avoid the source code, binaries and wiki pages for SynergyNet and SynergyView becoming inaccessible their repositories have been moved to a new home; SynergyNet on Github

Github has been chosen due to its support of both \git\ and svn version control. The ability to group multiple seperate repositories together under a single account has also proven to be beneficial. All existing code, binaries and wiki pages for all SynergyNet and SynergyView related repositories have been moved over to the SynergyNet profile on Github.

Rather than using the export tool provided by Google for the move the code was moved over manually.  This was done to ensure the code was moved correctly as the tool appears to have problems moving over RCP code, such as that used by SynergyView.  This has had the consequence of not preserving the commit histories of the repositories but does allow future work to start from a clean slate.

As part of this move the code, binaries and update wiki pages for two recent developments have also been made available: SynergyView 2 and SynergyNet 3.1

Wile the old Google code pages do now redirect visitors to the SynergyNet profile on Github, work is being carried to ensure all links on this blog (and the official SynergyNet project pages) point towards the new repositories.


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