Boomerang GTK Theme…. with a Googol twist

I’ve grown bored of my current Ubuntu theme and have decided to mix things up.  I’m currently using the default Unity desktop which makes finding themes that fit hard.  However I’ve found a great theme called Boomerang.

Boomerang comes in both light and dark variations with the proper GTK and unity modifications to make it fit the typical Ubuntu 11.10 desktop perfectly.  You can get Boomerang (both the light and dark variation) with instructions for installation here:

I came across this theme after it was featured on OmgUbuntu.  However, I – like many others who commented on the OmgUbuntu post – had a problem with the fact that all the window control buttons look the same.  I decided to modify the theme and swap the buttons with some more obvious ones that reveal their function when the mouse hovers over them.  I went for the buttons from Darren Jones’ Googol theme (which I also used in Elegant Googol).

Once you’ve installed a boomerang theme simply navigate to your ~./themes folder and replace the corresponding images with the ones in the archive below:

Boomerang Googol Buttons

Change your theme with Gnome Tweak or Ubuntu Tweak and the buttons should update.  I suggest using the elementary and elementary-mono-dark icons with these themes.  I also used NotifyOSD to change the colour of the notifications.

The theme may look better if you make all the buttons the same colour, but I prefer being able to identify buttons without hovering the mouse over them by using the differing colours.


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