Earlier this year (March 2016) I started working as a volunteer at Durham University’s Technology Enhanced Learning Special Interest Group (DU-TEL-SIG). As part of my role within this group I have set up an archive of the old TEL research group sites.

I started working with the group, headed up by Andrew Joyce-Gibbons, shortly after its formation. After the completion of my work at Bede’s World the two multi-touch tables used were returned to the University. Having the tables back on site sparked a lot of discussions on what they could be used for next.

It was decided that letting the legacy of the former TEL lab at the University (both the tables and the software created during the project, such as SynergyNet and SynergyView) go to waste was not an option. Therefore, a group to decide on future Technology Enhanced Learning research projects was formed.

I currently have to contribute to the group on a voluntary basis in my spare time due to the commitments of my full-time role elsewhere in the University. This is a shame as there is a wealth of planned and potential research for the group to undertake in the future that I would love to sink my teeth into.

In the short time since the formation of the group several studies have already been carried out. As part of these studies I have had to produce a number of new developments building on several past projects. I plan on detailing these developments soon on this site.



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