SynergyNet’s updated support for TUIO and Windows 7

All current versions of SynergyNet, TEL‘s multi-touch framework for classrooms, have support for TUIO.  However, anyone who has tried to use the software may have noticed that its TUIO support can be flakey at times.  This has been amended in a recent update to SynergyNet 2.5 and 3.

Until this update all versions of SynergyNet used an older version of the TUIO source.  Now SynergyNet 2.5 and 3 use the latest TUIO binary libraries.  This has drastically improved stability and performance when using TUIO.

In addition to this you will you will find an additional input type to select in SynergyNet 2.5’s and 3’s configuration panel.  This new type is labelled win7 and when selected allows the framework to utilise touch events native to Windows (7, 8 and surface).  This means if you have any hardware which allows you to perform native windows multi-touch, you can now use it to manipulate SynergyNet 2.5 and 3 without the need for bridging with additional software.

Those with existing copies of SynergyNet may have trouble updating due to our recent refactoring of the codebase.  The best course of action is to start with a new workspace, check out a fresh copy of the framework you are using and copy your applications over from your old workspace.

If you are interested in developing with SynergyNet please read this article.  If you’re not interested in developing with SynergyNet but you still want to run it there are now runnable binaries of SynergyNet 2.5 and SynergyNet 3.


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