Resolving display shape dependence issues on tabletops

As part of my on-going efforts to publish some of my older research I have gotten round to producing a paper on my work to produce a simple dynamic method to adapt content to different tabletop display shapes. The paper details how the technique work, specifically how it resolves the initial issues encountered fitting the content to a new display shape then how it attempts to make the most of the new display. Also detailed in the paper is a study assessing how the technique performs with some tabletop apps and a discussion on where the technique could be useful in the future.

The paper builds on the work I did in my masters and my current momentum in publishing papers on past work. As part of getting the paper to a place where it could be published I dived back into the data and managed to quantify some of the effects observed in the original study, bringing new information to light about the technique.

The article is open-source and available for viewing here:

J. McNaughton, T. Crick and S. P. Smith. Resolving Display Shape Dependence Issues on Tabletops. Computational Visual Media, 2018

Special thanks to Tom Crick and Shamus Smith for helping get the paper written and supporting me in carrying out the original study respectively.  And also special thanks to Andrew Joyce-Gibbons who (again) motivated me into getting this done.



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