Using Boomerang and Googol as an Xubuntu Theme

I’ve recently made the switch to Xubuntu 12.10 on my netbook (no unity-hate here, I just needed something a bit lighter).  Though I love the default Greybird theme I thought I’d see if I could use Boomerang and the modifications I made to it noted in a previous posts.

As mentioned before boomerang comes in both light and dark variations, both of which work great with Xubuntu 12.10.  You can get both Boomerang variations, here:

Again, I wanted to use the buttons from the Googol theme.  To do this I’ve updated the images to include those used for buttons in the xfwm4 folder.

To use the theme on Xubuntu first create a .themes in your home directory.  Unpack the Boomerang theme you want to use here.  When you run the Settings Manager the theme will now appear in the Appearance and the Windows Manager settings.

To change the buttons to the Googol ones go into the theme’s folder in the .themes directory and replace the corresponding images with the ones in the archive below:

Boomerang Googol Buttons

Changing to the corresponding theme through the settings manager will update the changes (you may need to log out and back in again to finalize the changeover).


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