Multi-touch Interaction with Windows 7 and Ubuntu

Using the new multi-touch tables at Durham University provided by Ness Furniture we tried out the currently available multi-touch features of two operating systems.  The first operating system is Windows 7 which comes with some simple multi-touch features, mostly mouse emulation and image manipulation.

The input for this operating system was provided by a vision system sending TUIO to software called vista multi-touch which converts the TUIO protocol to the microsoft multi-touch standard.

The second operating system is ubuntu using the compiz plugin featured in several of the previous videos.  Again TUIO is passed to the compiz via a network from vision system software on another machine.

Hopefully soon we’ll be able to try out the new version of Ubuntu which apparently offers new multi-touch features.  Also we may be able to try out some multi-touch features available to Mac operating systems.


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