SynergyNet 3

This year we (the TEL research group at Durham University) have been working on developing a more stable version of SynergyNet, our multi-touch software framework.  Named SynergyNet 3, this framework is much better than previous versions, both in terms of performance and stability.

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SynergyNet for Early Years Students

SynergyNet for Early Years is a project built using SynergyNet 3, a multi-touch framework developed as part of the SynergyNet project.  The objective of this project is to adapt the SynergyNet software platform to support use by early years students.

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Adapting Multi-touch Software to Utilise Different Display Shapes

Multi-touch technology is becoming more common place in both industrial and casual computing. With this rise in use developers are producing a wider range of multi-touch interfaces, each with different elements in their design. One element that most have in common is the shape of the display.

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