Adapting Multi-touch Software to Utilise Different Display Shapes

Multi-touch technology is becoming more common place in both industrial and casual computing. With this rise in use developers are producing a wider range of multi-touch interfaces, each with different elements in their design. One element that most have in common is the shape of the display.

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TUIO output from Android using TUIOdroid

I recently got rid of my iPhone and bought a HTC phone with Android (one of the best consumer decisions I’ve ever made).  I decided to see if I could using the phone’s multi-touch input to produce TUIO.  After some searching I found an app on the nuigroup forums calledTUIO droid by TobiTobsen (Available here).

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2010 Summary

Its been a while since anything was posted on this blog so its time for an update. First of all I’ll just point out that I’ve been working really hard on a thesis. I don’t want to go into any more detail about it till its accepted so I haven’t posted any updates concerning it. Hopefully in the new year I’ll be able to make several posts detailing what it was about.
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Compiz Multi-touch Plugin: Fire Paint

I’ve showcased the multi-touch plugin for Compiz before but I thought I’d bring a new feature into the light. Robert (whose website you can see here: has managed to make the multi-touch plugin compatible with Compiz’s firepaint plugin. The result is some amazing eye candy as you can see below.

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How to Install the Multi-touch Plugin for Compiz

A few people have asked me how to install the compiz multi-touch plugin so here is a quick guide (for recent editions of ubuntu).  I’d like to thank all the developers who provided the original code and modifications for this plugin.  I just consolidated their code, they did all the hard work.

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Multi-touch Interaction with Windows 7 and Ubuntu

Using the new multi-touch tables at Durham University provided by Ness Furniture we tried out the currently available multi-touch features of two operating systems.  The first operating system is Windows 7 which comes with some simple multi-touch features, mostly mouse emulation and image manipulation.

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